Our Neighbors Matter to Us

Our children are precious to us and when tragedy struck in our neighborhood, we all needed a little hope.  

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Parents don’t always have the right answers when kids ask difficult questions. Sad things happen to good people and we don’t know why.  We’ve learned the best way to help our kids and each other through pain is to be honest and do something to make it better.  They wanted to help and had no idea how.  A sweet little girl in our southwest Austin neighborhood decided to take action and have a bake sale to raise money for Dell Children’s Hospital in honor of the family stricken with grief.  We can’t change what happened, but we wanted to let them how much our kiddos care.  When are neighbors are hurting, we are hurting too.  We love our community.

The kids decided to bake.  They chose donuts and cake pops and spending time cooking together lifted their spirits.

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Maybe we can’t change the world with baked goods, but we can spread hope.  We want our kids to care about people and give back to the community.  The smallest things can become big ideas and the smallest amount of hope can lift a hurting spirit.

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The bake sale was a success.  The kids raised over $1,000 for the hospital.  In the worst of situations, every little bit of hope counts.  We keep talking to our kids and loving them more each day.  Life is short.

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